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Are you familiar with Active Directory (AD) Integration for your Security Systems?

Enable your IT and Physical Security systems to work together, for you.

Microsoft Active Directory integration facilitates the centralized management and synchronization of Windows user accounts with Security Center’s administrator and cardholder accounts. 

Adding Windows users in Active Directory will automatically create Security Center users and/or cardholders. Synchronization is automated so the overall process is efficient and eliminates typical manual intervention and errors in the process. 

With Active Directory integration to Security Center, you save valuable time by configuring the link only once for your Synergis™ access control, Omnicast™ video surveillance, and AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) systems.

Key Benefits include:

  • Ensures secure access to your security software and physical facilities is up to date
  • Promotes cooperation, sharing of data, and consistency throughout your organization
  • Streamlines user management, taking human error out of the equation
  • Simplifies cardholder management, allowing your team to be more productive
  • Automated synchronization eliminates burdensome paperwork and emails for managing employee access
  • Security groups are visible within Security Center leading to quick selection of groups and users to sync

Learn more in this educational PDF