COVID-19 Turns Tables on Lake Zurich Life Safety and Security Firm

Esscoe Systems Help State, Local, and Federal Government Operate Under Any Condition

Lake Zurich, IL — (March 2020) Esscoe, a life safety and security integrator serving the Upper Midwest, is a trusted advisor, partner, and provider to the federal government, prestigious school districts and world-class universities, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and to small private businesses as well as many publicly traded corporations. Esscoe is complying with Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order 2020-10 to “Stay at Home”, yet as an Essential Business, Esscoe has State, Local and Federal Government clients who operate essential infrastructures that must continue for the safety, health and welfare of all, therefore Esscoe will need to remain operational in accordance with Executive Order 2020-10
throughout the time period specified (through Tuesday, April 7th, 2020).

Esscoe deploys cloud-based solutions for their clients every day and already operate with a robust teleworker infrastructure, so ceasing non-essential operations at their office locations and switching staff to stay at home will be possible to a certain extent.

Where things will change is in social distancing amongst Esscoe essential staff. The IP based video surveillance cameras, intercom stations and access control systems in the Esscoe office today primarily function as show pieces. Starting Monday, March 23, these systems will now be used just as Esscoe’s clients use them, to securely validate essential visitors and remotely grant access to parcel carriers and freight deliveries. This minimizes or eliminates contact between Esscoe staff and those other essential service providers.

Clients who now have empty buildings are looking to accelerate their preventive maintenance and inspection services on their camera, access control and fire alarm systems. And other clients, to the extent possible are pushing to get those disruptive system upgrades done now rather than wait.

Every business is thrown for a loop due to the COVID-19 emergency, and Esscoe no different. Esscoe is grateful to have earned the trust of their clients over the past 15 years. Those clients look to Esscoe to drive and manage the life safety and security of their building environments, while they focus on managing their businesses and constituencies in these times.

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