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System Completion for America’s Leading Retailer

Esscoe was granted the opportunity to work on their largest design-build project yet. It showcases Esscoe’s ability to self-perform complex professionally engineered systems in-house, the strength of our supplier-partner and sub-contractor network and their ability and eagerness to work for Esscoe, our agility and ability to rapidly respond to design-build RFP’s at the preliminary stage and conceptual level, and, most importantly, partner. A partnership that serves to ensure America’s supply chain infrastructure.

America’s leading Storefront retailer is competing with America’s Online leading retailer for the home and B2B delivery business and introducing a fully automated storage retrieval system and packaging system to increase speed to your doorstep and minimize packaging waste.

This 3D automated storage and retrieval system within the facility is produced by the Austrian company, KNAPP AG. The KNAPP OSR (Order, Storage, Retrieval) Shuttle System™ uses robotic shuttles to traverse the storage system, pick out a storage tote, and then bring it to a product “picking station” where workers then pull the requested quantity of said product. The shuttle then returns the tote automatically until called again for another customer order or to replenish product inventory storage levels. This system is over 12 million cubic feet, more than the volume of 100 hot air balloons!

Esscoe also has a strategic partnership with Edwards. This showcases Esscoe’s competitive advantage with simplifying complicated fire alarm network systems using Fiber optic cabling, lower total installed costs through use of the industry’s lowest current draw Fire Alarm Strobes, and intelligible voice evacuation signaling (a.k.a. Mass Notification) for life safety, workplace security and severe weather advanced notification.

Esscoe sets itself apart from the competition with in-house design capabilities, use of Air-Sampling Smoke Detection with VESDA™ (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) to protect our Nation’s supply chain with the ability to rapidly detect and locate the threat of fire in high-dollar capital equipment (KNAPP OSR), large value of stored inventory (food, clothing, commodities and supplies) and our rapid construction speed.

ESSCOE’s In-House Design & Commissioning Group Consists of:

  • NCEES accredited Professional Fire Protection Engineers
  • NICET Level IV Fire Alarm Systems Layout Technicians
  • NICET Level III Fire Alarm Systems Layout Designers
  • NICET Level II Inspection, Testing & Fire Alarm Systems Inspectors