Gurnee School District 56

I am writing this letter in support of the work performed in the Gurnee District 56 schools by ESSCOE during my tenure as superintendent. I worked with them on a number of engineering projects, and in every case have been totally pleased with their work. Most recently, I worked with them on an extensive development project building a new elementary school and district office building, along with remodelling the existing building.

They have always offered competitive pricing and “out of the box” solutions to complicated design systems. They understand our budgetary parameters and provide affordable solutions that align within those limits. ESSCOE offers added value to projects without increasing costs. Mr. Todd Keppy and Mr. Jack Hamilton are great friends of this school district and have greatly improved the educational environment established here. I highly recommend them as quality people and valuable partners to the taxpayers of this community.

John Hutton, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Department of the Navy

As the authority having jurisdiction and quality assurance responsibility for Naval Facilities in the Midwest Region, my engineering team has worked with ESSCOE on numerous projects at Naval Station Great Lakes. In the past, ESSCOE has provided design and consultation services related to fire alarm and mass notification systems. Additionally, ESSCOE is part of a team that was awarded a Naval Facilities Engineering Command Midwest (NAVFAC MW) Region Fire Protection Multiple Award Construction contract.

ESSCOE has grown into a leader for consultation, analysis, design, implementation, and technical services for fire alarm and mass notification systems. ESSCOE’s leadership shows by their knowledge in Department of Defense (DoD) fire alarm and mass notification systems criteria, analysis, and documentation, which has led to several successful installations at Naval Station Great Lakes. Due to their knowledge of DoD criteria, documentation analysis, the time normally expended by NAVFAC Fire Protection Engineers to address issues, review designs, and test for approval has been greatly reduced.

ESSCOE has and continues to partner with NAVFAC MW to collaborate early in the drawing preparation stage and consults with the fire protection engineer regarding possible challenges or issues that may arise. ESSCOE can be relied upon to provide relevant and competent engineering design services as well as technicians who are knowledgeable and responsive to the Navy’s schedule. ESSCOE has worked on projects that present acoustical characteristics of new berthing or training facilities. Two mass notification projects that proved challenging were the renovation of historic Building 3 and the construction of New Senior Enlisted Barracks. In the Building 3 project, the design and installation challenges were to provide a functional system and maintain the historic interior. Based on ESSCOE’s engineering and design proficiency, all areas tested compliant. Similarly, due to ESSCOE’s knowledge of National Fire Protection Association codes and standards, the acoustically challenging berthing areas of the New Senior Enlisted barracks were analyzed, designed, installed, and tested successfully for compliance.

One of ESSCOE’s greatest strengths is to provide answers to technical issues. ESSCOE does not hesitate to consult with outside technical experts to provide the highest quality systems required by the DoD. ESSCOE was the first installer of mass notification systems in the Midwest Region to implement computer based acoustical modeling for design purposes. Additionally, ESSCOE was instrumental in coordinating outside resources to support the NAVFAC Fire Protection Engineer’s understanding of acoustical challenges associated with mass notification systems. ESSCOE continues to provide a high level of consultation and design services, technically qualified service personnel, and customer service that are unmatched in the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Midwest Region.

Executive Officer
By direction
of the Commanding Officer


CBZG’s Camp Porter Barracks and Infrastructure project is in its final stages and expected to be complete by year’s end. At $216 million this was a substantial project for Clark Construction Group and our Joint Venture partners, culminating a 12 year, $770 million dollar recapitalization program for NAVFAC Midwest and the Recruit Training Command at Naval Station Great Lakes. This letter is to congratulate your team on an outstanding performance on the Camp Porter Barracks and Infrastructure project, and to formally announce our nomination of Esscoe, LLC for the US Administration’s Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award.

The Esscoe team exceeded the project’s design program requirements and provided the Navy with high-quality fire alarm, mass notification, public announcement, and physical security systems equipment. The Camp Porter Barracks and Infrastructure project included the construction of six new facilities to support the needs of the sole Recruit Training Command for the US Navy. These facilities included three Recruit Immersive Queuing Corridor, and an 800 car parking facility above grade. Esscoe’s efforts on the three barracks buildings alone required the installation of over 10,000 fire alarm devices covering nearly 600,000 square feet of space, ultimately being occupied by over 3,000 recruits. The first phase of the barracks construction was particularly challenging as one of the very first Navy facilities to meet upgraded mass notification system standards. The Visitor Center and Immersive Queuing Corridor space also implemented complex technical systems supporting the gateway that thousands of guests pass through every week to observe recruits graduating from basic training.

The complexity of the Camp Porter project combined with a demanding schedule without any impact from the ongoing recruit training required substantial effort. Beginning with assistance during the initial design phase of the project, through the extensive commissioning process with the Navy’s team during the Red Zone stage, Esscoe provided outstanding service. Esscoe’s ability to successfully complete the large complex project, which would challenge any “large business” venture, is a true testament displaying their strength and dedication to build quality life safety, security and communication systems. Again, congratulations on your team’s performance and success. We look forward to continuing a lasting partnership on future projects.

Kenneth Carlson
Project Executive
Clark Construction Group, LLC