Artificial Intelligence and Your CCTV Surveillance System

In a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming up more and more, its natural to wonder about its applications and whether to put trust into it. Technology is always advancing, and AI is proving to benefit us as opposed to hinder our operations.

AI can now provide video analytics to your video surveillance system like never before. While pixel-based motion detection can trigger numerous false alarms, AI-driven object-based detection minimizes false positives while providing additional information on what was detected. You will be able to better understand what is happening in a scene, effectively mobilize to and even prevent unwanted events in real-time, efficiently create evidence, and make more informed decisions to how to better protect your facility. Now a simple security camera is so much more than just a video source.

With the ability to identify objects and track all in real-time, video analytics can determine queue times in retail and hospitality environments, blocked loading zones in critical shipping areas, unauthorized parking for VIP guests, and detecting loitering in sensitive areas.

As always, maintenance of any video surveillance system utilizing AI and video analytics is critical. This can help to maintain clear fields of view, avoiding missing relevant incidents, reducing potential false alarms, and providing the analytics application the best possible data.

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