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Esscoe Success Stories: Real Testimonials, Real Results

As the premier provider of security and safety systems, Esscoe has serviced many clients across multiple sectors. This short video we put together showcases testimonials provided by some of our many satisfied clients.

My name is Paul Bisciglia. I am the Physical Security Program Manager for Uline. We have utilized Esscoe as our security partner for 16 years, and I can’t imagine having another company as our partner that is more accommodating and knowledgeable than Esscoe.

What I look for, above all, in a security partner is being seen as a unique business rather than just a “number” or “another client.” Esscoe goes above and beyond to make sure that Uline feels like a valuable partner. They provide us timely assistance, recommend new technology, and know and operate to our unique culture that defines our company.

They have provided us thousands of hours of around-the-clock assistance, helping in the early mornings, and assisting in projects that have taken them through the early hours to accommodate Uline’s business hours. And after hundreds of projects and new branches we’ve established, Esscoe has been reliable and consistent since the very first project we utilized their services for.

Through all the years Uline has been working and partnered with Esscoe, I can’t imagine how our growth would have been impacted if we didn’t have them as our security partner.

Paul Bisciglia | CPP
Uline Physical Security Program Manager

My name is Cecil Chambers, I am the Security Mgr. for Collins Aerospace. I have been working with Esscoe for about 4-5 years now, and just want to say, this is a great company.

Esscoe makes sure that if I have an issue and I notify them, they send out their techs and get the issue resolved quickly. I have many projects with this company, they do everything necessary to make sure I receive top quality parts and labor.

Each employee takes pride in their work, if they come out and need to order parts, they call and let me know before moving forward. I have a great relationship with Esscoe. I highly recommend this company to everyone. You cannot find another company like this one. There are many, however, Esscoe is Top Notch and will do the best job around.

They have distinguished themselves with outstanding performance of their duties, their professional competence and knowledge and their exceptional initiative, to get the job in a timely manner. Their dedicated approach to their work is the highest quality of support. They are the superior company in the field.

Esscoe ensures that their customers are well taken care of.

Cecil Chambers | Principal Specialist, Security | Facilities
Power Systems Collins Aerospace

As a client of Esscoe, I have had an opportunity to work with their team for the past 8 years. Esscoe’s team has supported our security systems that include more than 70 facilities throughout North America. As our company continues to grow, we look to establish and build partnerships with vendors that produce the best quality service and always answer the call when needed.

Esscoe’s partnership has shown interest and efficiency in tasks with camera/access support, visitor management, fire alarm testing…etc. Given our working relationship, I have been able to observe their outstanding quality of service. I have witnessed how their response to assignments have added value and growth to our company. It is for this reason, I highly recommend Esscoe for security purposes.

Dave DeVoss | Security Manager | Operations
Medline Industries, LP

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Keep Up With Your System’s Maintenance This New Year

The new year is an exciting time, and a great opportunity to put a list of things that should be accomplished for the rest of the year. This year, Esscoe wants to stress the importance of maintaining your system’s quality by regularly servicing it.

The Benefits
Preventative or routine maintenance is frequently neglected in the security industry post-project delivery or during the design phase, yet it is crucial for ensuring the functionality and usability of the delivered security system throughout the site’s lifespan. This also helps maintain the longevity of security systems.

Important Considerations
Ensuring maintenance efficacy is crucial; staying current with software upgrades guarantees compatibility with newer systems, while neglecting updates may pose challenges for sites using older software.
Ensuring maintenance efficacy is crucial; staying current with software upgrades guarantees compatibility with newer systems, while neglecting updates may pose challenges for sites using older software.

Planning is Key
Creating a good preventative maintenance plan (PMP) requires several key elements to ensure the plan meets the organization’s needs and that it can be defended in annual budget processes.

How Has Maintenance Evolved?

  • Nearly all systems within the electronic security world are software-based.
  • Upgrades focused only on new features from suppliers are outdated.
  • Cybersecurity is a constant concern in today’s tech world, with frequent discovery and patching of software vulnerabilities.
  • Updates also provide further stability as bugs are identified and fixed.

Contact an Esscoe representative today to learn more.

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What is Camp I Am Me?

The holiday season is for getting together with loved ones and also for helping those less fortunate than ourselves. This season, Esscoe wants to expand on the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance’s Camp I Am Me and how you can help!

This camp is a unique and unforgettable one-week long experience for children in Illinois who are ages 8-17 who have been a victim of burns. This camp provides a safe space for these children to build their self-esteem and meet others who have the same experiences.

There are plenty of activities such as archery, board games, crafts, fishing, a fun fair, obstacle course, horseback riding, music and dance, sports, swimming, a parade, talent show, and so much more. The best part is that alongside YMCA counselors, this camp is staffed by volunteers that are doctors, nurses, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, fire service personnel, teachers, and others who are trained and prepared to meet the specific needs of burn survivors. This creates a cohesive and safe team for the children.

How can you help?

This camp is offered at no-cost to campers. All things are included: lodging, meals, activities, and transportation to and from camp. In order to keep this program running at its best, please consider a monetary donation, volunteering, purchasing for their Needs List, or more, please visit

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Artificial Intelligence and Your CCTV Surveillance System

In a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming up more and more, its natural to wonder about its applications and whether to put trust into it. Technology is always advancing, and AI is proving to benefit us as opposed to hinder our operations.

AI can now provide video analytics to your video surveillance system like never before. While pixel-based motion detection can trigger numerous false alarms, AI-driven object-based detection minimizes false positives while providing additional information on what was detected. You will be able to better understand what is happening in a scene, effectively mobilize to and even prevent unwanted events in real-time, efficiently create evidence, and make more informed decisions to how to better protect your facility. Now a simple security camera is so much more than just a video source.

With the ability to identify objects and track all in real-time, video analytics can determine queue times in retail and hospitality environments, blocked loading zones in critical shipping areas, unauthorized parking for VIP guests, and detecting loitering in sensitive areas.

As always, maintenance of any video surveillance system utilizing AI and video analytics is critical. This can help to maintain clear fields of view, avoiding missing relevant incidents, reducing potential false alarms, and providing the analytics application the best possible data.

Contact an Esscoe representative today to learn more.

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Air Aspirating Smoke Detection Devices

What is ASD (Aspirating Smoke Detection)? In our latest mini video we break down the process of ASD and the benefits of this early detection technology.

Esscoe chooses ModuLaser Detection from Edwards Safety as their trusted Air Aspirating Smoke Detection device. Some details of this device are:

  • UL 268 7th Edition Listed – reduction of nuisance alarms
  • Four alarm levels (Alert, Action, Fire 1 and Fire 2)
  • Sensitivity range: 0.00914 to 7.62% obscuration /ft
  • Adjustable fan speed (1 to 16)
  • 2 programmable inputs
  • 3 programmable outputs
  • General fault relays are fail-safe
  • Event log – 20,000 events per module

A sample of air is constantly drawn from a protected area through a network of sampling pipes or ports, which is then passed through a high sensitivity laser detection chamber. This detection provides increased alerts over regular spot-type smoke detection. Only a small portion of the air drawn in passes through the filter into a chamber, roughly 10%. The remainder of air goes through a patented duct system known as a Wastegate. Once exhausted out of the detector, the air path is 100% sealed.

Smoke entering the chamber is illuminated by a laser. Light will shine onto the reflective plane and re-focus onto the light receiver. The amount of light scattered increases with a greater quantity of smoke particulate present. The detector measures the concentration of smoke and issues one of four sensitivity levels.

ASD devices are not just for data centers! These devices can be beneficial in elevator hoistways, dirty environments, and more. For example, in elevator hoistways, ASD can be used to properly detect smoke in elevator shafts while still allowing testing of the elevator recall sequence without placing workers in dangerous hoistways. The ASD detector is located outside of the hoistway where it can be tested, serviced or replaced without entering the hoistway. For dirty environments, sometimes spot-type detectors can be better protected by ASD because it uses active filtration and air transport to capture the particles of combustion. This can indicate fire conditions as well as filter out contaminants and decrease instances of nuisance alarms. Contaminants are filtered out using particle filters, and nuisance alarms are avoided using sophisticated algorithms and optical light scattering of particles.

Some common applications include data centers, power plants, paper mills, and other explosive dust environments where stratification is likely and early warning is needed.

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Preventative Maintenance is a Necessity

Esscoe goes above and beyond to make sure your fire alarm system is working at its best. Your safety is our priority. The specialists working on your system must first go through our Fire Alarm Control Panel Training course to best service you. There, they learn to respond effectively, troubleshoot, and perform vital maintenance tasks.

What other preventative maintenance tasks does our team of experts offer?

We clean your smoke and heat detectors, removing dust and dirt from sensors. This ensures optimal sensitivity and accuracy. If your system is not cleaned regularly, it will not perform at its best.

Esscoe also updates the executive firmware for your fire alarm systems. Outdated firmware can compromise the system’s performance and integrity. Our team ensures the control panel executive firmware is up-to-date with the latest manufacturer developed release.

Trust Esscoe to keep your fire alarm system ready to safeguard lives and property.

Learn more about our expertise in fire alarms.

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Our online shopping and delivery world has brought about a lot of convenience as well as increased demand for real estate for logistics and fulfillment centers, many of which are classified as an S-1 Occupancy Use Group (Storage, Moderate Hazard) in the International Building Code (IBC).

With this increase in consumer demand comes an increase in square footage, and, consequently, fire and life safety risk with the vertical storage capacities often sought for large format, modern warehouses and logistical shipping centers. The International Code Council (ICC) has identified this increased risk, as evidenced by recent large-scale warehouse fires and has issued a change to the 2021 International Fire Code (IFC) which now requires Fire Command Centers to be provided in all F-1 (Factory) and S-1 (Storage) Occupancy Use Groups which have a building footprint greater than 500,000 SF.

What does this mean for the Architect/Engineer, Owner, Developer, General Contractor?

Similar to high-rise skyscrapers, a dedicated room needs to be provisioned in the architectural program for fire department use to conduct their operations. Additionally, there are these key new developments needed or required in any FCC:

  • The Fire Alarm System must now be a Voice Evacuation Signaling System with public address capability (1-Way Voice Communication).
  • The fire alarm needs to have a master microphone and voice/alarm control unit.
  • The FCC must be a minimum of an 8’ by 12’ room in a location and layout approved by the Fire Code Official.  This may or may not be the building code official in many jurisdictions.
  • The fire command center needs a 1-hour fire barrier from the rest of the building.
  • FCC must house the fire department communications system.
  • FCC must house an Elevator Status Display along with recall switches and emergency power selection switches.
  • Status indicators and controls for air distribution systems, likely to include any smoke removal or exhaust controls.
  • FCC must house firefighter control panels for any required smoke controls.
  • FCC must have controls for unlocking interior exit stairway doors.
  • Fire Sprinkler valve and waterflow detector visual status displays.
  • Emergency and standby power status indication.
  • Telephone access for the fire department to the public switched telephone network
  • Fire Pump Status indication.
  • Schematic building plans indicating and detailing the building core, all means of egress, fire-fighter air-replenishment systems, fire-fighting equipment, fire department access points and the location of all fire walls, fire barriers, partitions and smoke barriers and partitions.
  • An approved Building Information Card
  • Worktable
  • Generator supervision devices as well as manual start and transfer switch control.

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Your Trusted Provider

Your trusted provider for life safety systems, enterprise security solutions, and essential systems service needs!

See what our happy customers have to say:

The Esscoe techs and your scheduling team have done a wonderful job. The commitment to detail for my District is exemplary and we look forward to a continued working relationship. The email work request response time is so great I’d love for you to teach my staff how to respond so quickly. Every person I deal with makes my problem theirs, takes it seriously, and has answers to my questions. Esscoe has been the first vendor for me to call for over the last 10 years and will continue to be my Districts provider to service all of our Fire, and burglary needs

Sean Smith – Director of Maintenance and Facilities – Gurnee School District 56

ESSCOE is the sole partner that Community Consolidated School District 21 uses for its door access, security cameras, the District’s alarm system or any and all security consulting . While ESSCOE was in District 21 for several years prior to my arrival as the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, they earned my trust immediately upon coming to the District in 2019. And based upon the performance of ESSCOE upon my arrival, I have no need to look anywhere else for the District’s security needs.

During the summer of 2019, within two weeks of my arrival, and in the middle of a summer project totaling $39 million, ESSCOE discovered an issue that could have set back the project months — time we could not afford to lose if we would open schools in a secure environment. Working with multiple contractors and construction managers that were responsible for the total project, ESSCOE discovered that key components of hardware and installation were missed in plans that were not in their scope of work. However, ESSCOE saw that if this missing work was not identified, coordinated and managed properly, the District would not be able to complete the work on the key focus of that summer’s project and deliver on a promise to its community.

The ESSCOE team, without any hesitation, took on the coordination of work between all necessary parties, ordering and fronting the payment for the hardware and securing not just its own labor force, but the labor of other key services. ESSCOE took on this added responsibility to ensure that the District delivered on its promises to the community on time and within budget regardless of the error it discovered. ESSCOE not only saved the day, but also made sure that the District was not harmed in any manner, through time delays or increased costs, even though the project required intensive work that was not originally planned for ESSCOE

ESSCOE continues to impress and build its credibility with each project, every year. Whether it is routine maintenance, adding, updating or overhauling the systems they manage to meet the District’s needs or bringing ideas to enhance safety and security in new areas, ESSCOE proves its value as a vendor and, most importantly, as a true and trusted partner and member of the District’s team daily.

Michael DeBartolo – Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations – Community Consolidated School District 21

Managing a large commercial property can be challenging and nothing is more important than the functionality of a buildings fire alarm system, so when there is a problem you need to have a reliable support team available at a moments notice. For me the team at Esscoe fills that role, going above and beyond to ensure that all of my needs are met. Whether it’s providing design and engineering services for a new installation, performing annual inspections, or responding to an emergency service call, I know that Esscoe is a phone call away. Dave Fernekes, Director of Facilities, Bourns Facility Group.

Dave Fernekes, Director of Facilities, Bourns Facility Group

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Maintain & Prolong the Life of Your Fire Alarm System

Esscoe is your trusted partner for fire alarm systems!

Wondering how to keep your fire alarm system in top shape and performance? Follow our tips and advice below to get the most out of your equipment.


Moisture can be one of the biggest enemies for fire alarm systems; ensure that your system is ready to fight against any and all moisture. Review your panel locations, to ensure that they are in conditioned and dry environments.  Any equipment installed in wet locations shall be marked for “use in wet locations.” All equipment that is subjected to damage shall be protected by a listed means. 


Be aware of how the equipment, conductors, boxes, exterior weather-tight boxes and devices are installed. Look for faulty or incorrect installations that may impair the system further down the line.  Some systems have exterior speakers, horns and strobes.  Be sure to regularly examine them for build-up of debris from birds nests, rodents or other damaged building elements that may break their watertight seals which can make you susceptible to moisture damage, but also create short circuit pathways which are susceptible to lighting and transient voltage damage.  The latest release of NEC/NFPA 70 edition 2020 (NEC 2020) has placed a greater emphasis on increasing personnel safety by mandating the use of Surge Protective Devices (SPDs).  In addition to increased personnel safety benefits, surge suppression devices installed on conductors which leave the building envelope, or incoming 120 VAC power to control panels and power supplies can provide an added degree of protection of these components, many of which are now deemed Critical Operations Power Systems (COPS) in many jurisdictions.  We suggest consulting Article 708 of the 2020 NEC, specifically Article 708.2 on how to identify if your system is a COPS, which in many cases a fire alarm system or emergency communication system is.

Regular cleaning of smoke detectors can help prevent nuisance alarms or false alarms and disruption of your operations and increase the confidence in the ability of your system to identify and protect occupants and your physical facilities from damage from fire.


Regular and comprehensive testing of the entire fire alarm system is crucial to ensure its properly functioning. This includes the control panel, detectors, initiating devices, communication and power backup systems. These tests should be performed by trained personnel in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, NFPA 72, and the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. Testing should include a full-functional test, checking for fault indications on the control panel.


Maintain a thorough and up-to-date record of all inspections, tests, and maintenance activities performed on the fire alarm system. This should include the date, details of the performed action, and any anomalies or issues found and resolved. This ensures that the fire alarm system’s maintenance history is traceable and that it complies with local codes and insurance requirements.  It also helps identify recurring problems that may suggest underlying issues.


Ensure that key personnel understand the basic operation of the fire alarm system, what to do when an alarm is activated, and who to contact for service or repair. Personnel should be educated about what each type of alarm signifies and the necessary steps they need to take during an emergency. This includes training on how to reset the system, silence alarms, and initiate manual alarms if necessary.


If the fire alarm system is monitored by a third-party service, confirm that the service is fully operational and that communication between the system and the monitoring service is working correctly. Regularly review your contract with the monitoring service to ensure that it meets your current needs.


Technology continually evolves and improves. Keep your fire alarm system up to date with the latest software updates and consider hardware upgrades as recommended by the manufacturer or your fire protection engineer. Newer models might offer more accurate detection, faster response times, or enhanced features.


Many fire alarm systems have backup batteries to ensure they continue to operate during power outages. Regularly check these batteries for any signs of damage or corrosion, replace them as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, and perform regular load tests to ensure they will function in case of an emergency.


Periodic physical inspection of all devices, including detectors, pull stations, annunciators, and alarm notification appliances, should be carried out to check for physical damage, dirt, paint, or any other obstruction that could affect the operation of the system. This should also involve inspecting the wiring for signs of damage or wear and tear.

Learn more about our capabilities with fire alarms.

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Lead the way forward with EST4 systems

No one knows your facility better than you, and nothing is more beneficial than the EST4 system. Trust Esscoe with upgrading your fire and life safety solutions. Watch our video to learn about the great benefits you need to take advantage of.

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