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Tier 1 Software & Hardware

Trust and Cyber Security
How secure is your security? Ensure your security software and hardware has cyber security and responsibility at its core.

Reliability and Resiliency
Can you count on your security? Ensure your security hardware and software is architected to maximize uptime built with redundancy and failover capability.

Is your security on an island or is it an integral part of your operation? Integrations with Active Directory, Visitor Management, Intrusion Detection can securely streamline managing your facility operations.

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System Completion for America’s Leading Retailer

Esscoe was granted the opportunity to work on their largest design-build project yet. It showcases Esscoe’s ability to self-perform complex professionally engineered systems in-house, the strength of our supplier-partner and sub-contractor network and their ability and eagerness to work for Esscoe, our agility and ability to rapidly respond to design-build RFP’s at the preliminary stage and conceptual level, and, most importantly, partner. A partnership that serves to ensure America’s supply chain infrastructure.

America’s leading Storefront retailer is competing with America’s Online leading retailer for the home and B2B delivery business and introducing a fully automated storage retrieval system and packaging system to increase speed to your doorstep and minimize packaging waste.

This 3D automated storage and retrieval system within the facility is produced by the Austrian company, KNAPP AG. The KNAPP OSR (Order, Storage, Retrieval) Shuttle System™ uses robotic shuttles to traverse the storage system, pick out a storage tote, and then bring it to a product “picking station” where workers then pull the requested quantity of said product. The shuttle then returns the tote automatically until called again for another customer order or to replenish product inventory storage levels. This system is over 12 million cubic feet, more than the volume of 100 hot air balloons!

Esscoe also has a strategic partnership with Edwards. This showcases Esscoe’s competitive advantage with simplifying complicated fire alarm network systems using Fiber optic cabling, lower total installed costs through use of the industry’s lowest current draw Fire Alarm Strobes, and intelligible voice evacuation signaling (a.k.a. Mass Notification) for life safety, workplace security and severe weather advanced notification.

Esscoe sets itself apart from the competition with in-house design capabilities, use of Air-Sampling Smoke Detection with VESDA™ (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) to protect our Nation’s supply chain with the ability to rapidly detect and locate the threat of fire in high-dollar capital equipment (KNAPP OSR), large value of stored inventory (food, clothing, commodities and supplies) and our rapid construction speed.

ESSCOE’s In-House Design & Commissioning Group Consists of:

  • NCEES accredited Professional Fire Protection Engineers
  • NICET Level IV Fire Alarm Systems Layout Technicians
  • NICET Level III Fire Alarm Systems Layout Designers
  • NICET Level II Inspection, Testing & Fire Alarm Systems Inspectors

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AXIS Site Designer

AXIS Site Designer is a comprehensive, professional tool for designing video surveillance systems. Accessible via web browser, it allows for design work on-site. This tool can work with floor plans or satellite map images, and with adjustable view shapes for dozens of camera types, you can be sure that you can get 100% of the coverage necessary for your facility.

Axis Site Designer provides accurate calculations for pixel density, bandwidth and storage estimates, and power requirements, giving you confidence in the quality and reliability of our design. It also creates exportable camera configuration reports and installation plans so that engineered details are translated onto your site as intended. Whether your needs include a few key cameras, or many more, Axis Site Designer equips us to engineer professional video surveillance systems to fit any project.

Contact one of our Esscoe representatives today to learn more!

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Enterprise Level CCTV & Access Control Solutions

Here at Esscoe, The Engineered Systems Company, we provide Enterprise Level CCTV & Access Control Solutions. These services allow us to satisfy needs from small to large facilities. We give you peace of mind about your building being protected.

Our Enterprise Level CCTV is world class, with resolutions up to 4k and beyond. We look at your facility and take your needs into consideration.

Esscoe provides Access Control with experience in many markets – including, but not limited to, government, healthcare, office buildings, assisted living, education, corporate campuses, logistics, and property management.

Our handful of awards and recognition from 2021 include AXIS Communications Top Regional Partner and AXIS Camera Station Specialist.

Whether it is integrating CCTV with access control, remote site IP video archiving and storage or integrating other types of systems, our team of in-house, fully-certified industry professionals will develop and maintain the security solutions you rely on.

Contact one of our Esscoe representatives today to learn more!

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Are you familiar with Active Directory (AD) Integration for your Security Systems?

Enable your IT and Physical Security systems to work together, for you.

Microsoft Active Directory integration facilitates the centralized management and synchronization of Windows user accounts with Security Center’s administrator and cardholder accounts. 

Adding Windows users in Active Directory will automatically create Security Center users and/or cardholders. Synchronization is automated so the overall process is efficient and eliminates typical manual intervention and errors in the process. 

With Active Directory integration to Security Center, you save valuable time by configuring the link only once for your Synergis™ access control, Omnicast™ video surveillance, and AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) systems.

Key Benefits include:

  • Ensures secure access to your security software and physical facilities is up to date
  • Promotes cooperation, sharing of data, and consistency throughout your organization
  • Streamlines user management, taking human error out of the equation
  • Simplifies cardholder management, allowing your team to be more productive
  • Automated synchronization eliminates burdensome paperwork and emails for managing employee access
  • Security groups are visible within Security Center leading to quick selection of groups and users to sync

Learn more in this educational PDF

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Esscoe | Company Overview

This is who we are, and what we do.

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Documentation is #1 when it comes to fire alarm compliance.

Esscoe prides themselves in their dedicated compliance team. How do we ensure the best and safest services are up to date? We have a collaborative approach and an in-depth competency of healthcare compliance amongst our staff to assist all of your needs, from planning to execution.

Esscoe annual fire alarm inspection service includes:

  • Web-based reporting and archiving tools for fire alarm and emergency light inspections and system testing.
  • Bar-coding the individual fire alarm equipment tested, the results all referenced to a date and time stamp for a full audit trail, inventory control and historical records.
  • Full functional testing in accordance with NFPA 72, IDPH, DNV and Joint Commission.
  • Detailed approach to prove your dedication to the protection of your people and property.

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COVID-19 Turns Tables on Lake Zurich Life Safety and Security Firm

Esscoe Systems Help State, Local, and Federal Government Operate Under Any Condition

Lake Zurich, IL — (March 2020) Esscoe, a life safety and security integrator serving the Upper Midwest, is a trusted advisor, partner, and provider to the federal government, prestigious school districts and world-class universities, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and to small private businesses as well as many publicly traded corporations. Esscoe is complying with Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order 2020-10 to “Stay at Home”, yet as an Essential Business, Esscoe has State, Local and Federal Government clients who operate essential infrastructures that must continue for the safety, health and welfare of all, therefore Esscoe will need to remain operational in accordance with Executive Order 2020-10
throughout the time period specified (through Tuesday, April 7th, 2020).

Esscoe deploys cloud-based solutions for their clients every day and already operate with a robust teleworker infrastructure, so ceasing non-essential operations at their office locations and switching staff to stay at home will be possible to a certain extent.

Where things will change is in social distancing amongst Esscoe essential staff. The IP based video surveillance cameras, intercom stations and access control systems in the Esscoe office today primarily function as show pieces. Starting Monday, March 23, these systems will now be used just as Esscoe’s clients use them, to securely validate essential visitors and remotely grant access to parcel carriers and freight deliveries. This minimizes or eliminates contact between Esscoe staff and those other essential service providers.

Clients who now have empty buildings are looking to accelerate their preventive maintenance and inspection services on their camera, access control and fire alarm systems. And other clients, to the extent possible are pushing to get those disruptive system upgrades done now rather than wait.

Every business is thrown for a loop due to the COVID-19 emergency, and Esscoe no different. Esscoe is grateful to have earned the trust of their clients over the past 15 years. Those clients look to Esscoe to drive and manage the life safety and security of their building environments, while they focus on managing their businesses and constituencies in these times.

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Centegra Hospital in Huntley and Esscoe Team Up for Safety and Security

May 22, 2018

Media Contact:
Scott Bartmess |esscoe | 847.847.3211

Hospital boasts state-of-the-art one-way voice evacuation fire signaling and detection system

Lake Zurich, IL —  (January 2018) Esscoe, a life safety and security integrator, furnished and commissioned a one-way voice evacuation fire signaling and detection system for the new 360,000 square-foot, 128-bed Centegra Hospital in Huntley.   This Level 2 Trauma Center serves the surrounding communities of McHenry County and features an EST 3 voice network with defend-in-place survivability and smoke management control.

“We have been the trusted life safety partner for many hospitals and schools,” says Scott Bartmess, Principal.    “This project was special in that a Level 2 Trauma Center was greatly needed in this community. We are proud to participate in the early stages and help our client choose the best system for their needs.”

Esscoe is a trusted advisor, partner, and provider to the federal government, prestigious school districts and world-class universities, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and to small private businesses as well as many publicly traded corporations.   High-Profile projects include Medline Corporation’s Northfield Campus, Centegra Hospital – Huntley, IL, Juneau Federal Building, and Ida Crown Jewish Academy.


Esscoe specializes in life safety and security integrations serving four sectors: federal, education, healthcare, and business.  The company is a trusted advisor, partner, and provider to the federal government, prestigious school districts and world-class universities, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and to small private businesses as well as many publicly traded corporations.   Esscoe provides a full range of services specializing in design, engineering, installation, inspection and repair addressing the needs of all stakeholders.   It provides fully integrated platforms; matching unique needs with best-in class solutions bringing together major components and services as one solution.

Esscoe has received numerous awards and recognition including Strategic Partner of the Year and recognition from the U.S. Department of Defense.   Esscoe’s portfolio of solution offerings encompasses a full service organization with a team of field technicians and inspectors who are regularly trained and certified by the manufacturers of the systems esscoe furnishes and installs.  Service is available 24 / 7 / 365.   Founded in 2005, Esscoe continues to be owned by the founding shareholder group.

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Esscoe Drives Customer Value and Growth in the Video Surveillance Market with Anixter

Infrastructure Solutions LabAnixter has enjoyed a more than decade-long partnership with security systems integrator Esscoe of Lake Zurich, Ill.

Esscoe was founded in 2005, primarily to pursue design-build fire alarm and mass notification work for the Federal Government. The design-build partnerships they forged with customers opened up new opportunities for work in the access control and video surveillance fields with their design-build clients. In order to keep pace with agile and rapidly expanding clients in the video surveillance market, Esscoe needed to find a partner to help with logistical solutions, payment terms, pre-configuration and new business development. In 2007, they found their solution: Anixter.

That year, Esscoe focused 90 percent on fire alarms and 10 percent on security cameras; however, by 2017 their emphasis has evolved with the explosive growth in their clientele to 65 percent security cameras and 35 percent fire alarms for new project business.

“Anixter has worked closely with us from day one,” says Todd Keppy, principal at Esscoe. “ They always understood the construction market and the payment process involved in that portion of our business, and they recognized our approach blended nicely with theirs.”

Anixter and Esscoe immediately benefited from one another’s shared values. Esscoe was founded on the belief that the customer always comes first. “The reason we have such an excellent long-standing relationship with Anixter is because we see things the same way,” says Keppy. “Take care of the customer, and the customer takes care of you.” That philosophy has clearly paid off, as Esscoe today is one of the top three integrators in Chicagoland and holds an extremely high retention rate.

Most of Esscoe’s servers are purchased through Anixter from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE). “Esscoe has become a certified HPE partner,” says Keppy. “This alone has won new business and allowed us to help sell more Anixter products as well.”

Through its partnership with Anixter, Esscoe provides customers with server and storage solutions powered by HPE through Anixter’s relationship with Arlington Computer Products (ACP) of Buffalo Grove, Ill. Darren Wesley, senior vice president at ACP, says, “Esscoe’s ability to offer their customers industryleading enterprise products and cost-effective solutions from HPE not only enhances their brand but expands their product offering within the security marketplace. Throughout the sales process, Esscoe works closely with our engineering team to accurately scope and design servers and storage solutions to meet the specific requirements of the project. By combining our technical expertise and Anixter’s global capabilities, we are honored to be one of Esscoe’s go-to partners for their server and storage-related needs for video surveillance.”

Esscoe utilizes Anixter’s camera preconfiguration services to streamline delivery. “If we are backlogged, Anixter will build the cameras, configure them, ID them and ship them to us so they’re ready to use,” says Keppy. “It’s a huge advantage and saves our team a tremendous amount of time so we can focus on the more challenging aspects of the job and our customers.”

Another resource Esscoe capitalizes on is Anixter’s UL-certified Infrastructure Solutions LabSM in Glenview, Ill. Keppy is a frequent visitor to the Lab and tries to take clients as much as possible to show them available products if they aren’t sure which ones they want to buy.

“It’s quite stunning. I can show clients three different products and let them choose. If you get a customer to go to the Lab, you’re almost guaranteed a sale.”

According to Keppy, the greatest success in the partnership between Anixter and Esscoe is the continued drive to grow together. Anixter continues to deliver new business opportunities for Esscoe when customers call, asking for an elite security integrator. “I have actually gone to meetings with Anixter to sell clients on Esscoe,” says Keppy. “One of the biggest factors that has helped us grow is Anixter generating great leads for us.”

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