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The Essential Guide to Distribution Center Security

Managing a large facility comes with complicated challenges. With multiple vehicles and entities operating on different schedules, you need an advanced security system that can juggle just as much as you. We’ve compiled the most important security measures you can implement in your facility so you can keep things running on schedule without having to worry about security.

License Plate Recognition
Be alerted to authorized and unauthorized vehicles entering your facility. Gain insight into your facility and surrounding area, enhancing safety and efficiency. Create and manage databases to track activity and trigger system events.

Truck Gate Safety
Actively protect and monitor vehicular and intermodal access points to your facility and property. Simplify and secure the flow of traffic at entrances and exits with integrated solutions into access control and video surveillance systems.

Perimeter Security
Secure your facility from unauthorized access with increased awareness, through turnstiles and sensors against unpermitted access and other threats.

Access Control
Authenticate the identities of employees and visitors as they enter and leave the facility. Integrate intrusion sensors to share alarm notifications for perimeter detection events.

Video Surveillance
Monitor vulnerable areas, analyze, and record video footage to detect suspicious activity. Utilize advanced camera analytics to track people and objects across critical boundaries to trigger notifications and external systems, such as security lights and network audio.

Fire Command Centers
Address emergencies like severe weather, fire and security immediately with a master microphone and voice evacuation signaling control unit so everyone in your facility can be alerted and exit safely. Control your smoke exhaust, and removal systems all from the same command center.

Managing the security of a large distribution center can be difficult, so let us do the heavy lifting for you. Esscoe offers professional camera setup and fine-tuning to ensure accuracy and reliability for your security systems. Offerings include PoE cameras as well as solar-powered solutions communicating back to a central video management system. Contact us today to learn about our solutions!

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Protecting Your Building and People

At Esscoe, we specialize in safeguarding your building and its occupants with top-tier fire alarm and life safety solutions. Our commitment is to provide the highest level of protection and peace of mind.

Esscoe offers tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements. From the installation of state-of-the-art fire alarm systems to ensuring their ongoing functionality, we have you covered. Our services are designed to meet the unique demands of your facility, ensuring optimal safety at all times.

We pride ourselves on servicing and inspecting equipment from all manufacturers, regardless of their age or make. With Esscoe, you can trust that your fire alarm systems are in expert hands.

Esscoe provides web-based reporting and archiving solutions, ensuring that your records are accessible and well-maintained for years to come. Accurate record-keeping is crucial for maintenance, inspections, and compliance with safety regulations, and we make this process seamless and efficient.

For more information about our services and how we can help protect your building, contact us today. Esscoe – where safety meets excellence.

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Enhancing Community Safety with Genetec AutoVu Cloudrunner

Keeping communities, campuses, and perimeters safe has never been more crucial. Introducing the Genetec AutoVu Cloudrunner, a cutting-edge solution for comprehensive vehicle monitoring and investigation.

What is AutoVu Cloudrunner?

AutoVu Cloudrunner goes beyond traditional License Plate Recognition (LPR). It’s a vehicle-centric investigation solution that provides access to key physical characteristics and analytics surrounding vehicle behavior. This enables quick identification and extraction of suspect vehicles, making it an invaluable tool for security professionals.

Key Benefits

AutoVu Cloudrunner offers a range of benefits designed to enhance security operations:

  • Proactive Danger Detection: Identify potential threats before they escalate.
  • Rapid Deployment: Utilize solar and cellular technologies for swift installation.
  • Scalable Model: Flexible hardware and subscription options to fit various needs.
  • Collaborative Capabilities: Work seamlessly with neighboring stakeholders.
  • Remote Calibration and Updates: Ensure optimal performance with easy remote adjustments.
  • 24/7 Operation: Continuous protection with cloud, on-premises, and evidence custody platforms.

For more information on how AutoVu Cloudrunner can enhance your security efforts, visit Genetec AutoVu Cloudrunner or call Esscoe!

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Esscoe: Your Trusted Advisor

Security and Life Safety Systems are crucial for any business. Such important systems need reliable advisors, someone you can wholeheartedly trust. When it comes to reliable advisors, there’s no one more reliable than Esscoe.

Esscoe is capable of equipping an entire building with a comprehensive set of security software and hardware systems. Our experienced team of certified designers, engineers, and security subject matter experts can perform design, benchmarking, deployment, and physical/logical maintenance of your security systems.

To learn more, watch our short video above or contact an Esscoe representative.

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The New Security Center SaaS, from Genetec

Genetec has unveiled their new Security Center SaaS, and we’re excited to share with you the amazing benefits offered by this software as a service! This unified software solution provides enterprise-grade access control, video management, intrusion and communications monitoring, automation, forensic search, and more through cloud-native services.

The Benefits:

Spin up new sites anywhere in the world with remote connectivity, deployment, and management

Get continuous access to new software capabilities and features as they become available

Make your enterprise-grade deployment and maintenance easier with security software offered as a service (SaaS)

Scale up to thousands of sites and devices with seamless connectivity, hybrid storage options, and edge computing

Choose to record video locally or in the cloud, select cameras that best suit your needs, and decide where to store and process your data

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    3 Mistakes to avoid for your Security and Life Safety Systems

    Security and Life Safety Systems are essential features of any facility. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t pay enough attention to the health of their systems until it’s too late.

    Don’t wait for a disaster to reveal the weaknesses in your workplace safety. Take proactive steps to help avoid these three common mistakes companies make regarding their Security and Life Safety Systems.

    Falling Behind on Routine Maintenance

    After system installation is finished, many facilities believe that’s the end of it. They don’t check in on their systems, and other than the occasional required test or inspection, they just leave it be. As amazing as it would be to never need to check in on your systems, that unfortunately is not the case.

    Security and Life Safety Systems are like any other machine, they will degrade over time. Mechanical parts wear down, storage media becomes fragmented, electrical circuits fail, batteries lose their charge, and eventually, the system will stop working entirely.

    To prevent this, routine maintenance is required. Don’t just stick to the bare minimum. Regularly inspect your systems to ensure everything is in proper working order, making sure to document your findings and communicate with technicians to fix any problems. Taking a proactive approach of identifying potential issues before they become critical problems is essential to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone at your facilities.

    Mismatched equipment & system incompatibilities

    Another common mistake often occurs before the emergency even happens. Using equipment or systems from different manufacturers can cause incompatibilities leading to system failure. Different systems may not be able to properly communicate with each other. Firmware mismatches can arise when a new enhanced version of the user interface (i.e. the VMS, Video Management System) platform rolls out with a lot of neat new features, users are often quick to adopt it. However, if they overlook updating their camera’s firmware (or other edge devices) to ensure compatibility with the VMS, it is likely that the camera’s video will no longer record because of the outdated firmware at the edge device, like a critically positioned camera.

    Ensuring all your Security and Life Safety Systems are able to effectively communicate and work together in one integrated system is essential for keeping your facilities safe. Determining which systems are compatible with each other can be difficult, but system integrators like Esscoe can help! Esscoe is one of the few systems integrators able to equip an entire building system with access control, fire alarm, surveillance video, paging, mass notification, and rescue assistance systems.

    Ignoring Staff Education

    A common expression among Navy Seals is: “In moments of stress, human beings don’t rise to the occasion but instead sink to the level of their training.” Your staff need regular training on how to respond to emergencies, as during a real emergency situation they won’t have time to find the emergency plan and read it over.

    Ensure staff have the opportunity to practice for potential emergencies. Teach staff where to find escape routes, what surveillance cameras to monitor, the location of emergency equipment like fire extinguishers, and how to properly use emergency notification systems. Not only that, but encourage preventative behaviors like proper flammable material storage as well. Training is of the utmost importance to ensure that when an emergency happens, everyone knows how to respond.

    It’s also essential to refresh your staff’s training regularly. Training is perishable, if staff don’t have the opportunity to revisit those concepts, they will likely forget most if not all of their training.

    Keeping these three common mistakes in mind will help you ensure safety in emergency situations. Take a proactive approach and avoid these mistakes before they turn into a disaster.

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    Reduce costs with the BRAND NEW EST HIGH-CANDELA LED Strobes

    This next generation of EST LED Strobes is here! Designed to help reduce installation and maintenance costs, the EST 185cd LED Strobe contains numerous upgrades over traditional Xenon devices. To showcase the benefits of the new EST HIGH CANDELA (185cd) LED Strobe, here’s some statistics based on a facility with about 1,000,000 sq feet, mounted at a 40-foot clear height (a typical Logistics/Warehouse Structure):

    • 93% LESS current draw than a 177cd Xenon Strobe
    • Uses LESS expensive 6 Amp NAC Power Supplies (vs. 10 Amp) because of the lower current draw.
    • Provides open area visual notification with ONLY 198 devices
    • All 198 strobes can be powered with ONLY THREE (3), 6 Amp Power Supplies, using just ELEVEN (11) circuits!
      • In comparison, 198 old Xenon Strobes would require over TEN (10) Power Supplies, using FORTY (40) circuits!
      • That’s a REDUCTION of – Seven (7), 20 Amp Circuit Breaker Panel connections.
      • REDUCTION of SEVEN (7) conduit runs to and from NAC panels.
      • REDUCTION of FOURTEEN (14) lead-acid batteries.
      • LESS wall space consumed by Fire Alarm systems.
    • Using 12 Gauge Wire, connect TWENTY-FIVE (25) Strobes on a single 1,600’ notification appliance circuit.
    • Using 14 Gauge Wire, connect TWENTY (20) strobes on a single 1,000’ notification appliance circuit.
      • In this comparison, Xenon Strobes only allow up to THREE (3) 177cd Strobes on a single notification appliance circuit.  WHY? their current draw is so high, that more than THREE (3) creates too much voltage drop over a 12- or 14-gauge fire alarm cable to maintain the code minimum operating voltage for the strobe.
    • Reduction in maintenance costs with LESS equipment needing maintenance (power supplies, batteries, notification appliances).
    • Now multiply YOUR labor cost to install TWENTY-NINE (29) LESS circuits, SEVEN (7) LESS NAC panels, (7) LESS  Circuit Breakers and you have REAL, QUANTIFIABLE, SAVINGS at today’s higher construction costs!

    Overall, the savings from the new EST HIGH-CANDELA LED Strobe are too good to pass up! Contact us today about how your next project!

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    Introducing Edwards ConnectedSafety+

    ConnectedSafety+, a cloud-based Software as a Service solution that provides a secure, remote connection to your Edwards EST4 intelligent fire systems. This software empowers your protection by providing a wide array of benefits.


    Technicians can prepare for service calls more efficiently, reduce probability of return visits and eliminate site disruptions with access to real-time diagnostics and insights before arriving on-site.


    With digitally optimized, cloud-based monitoring, Edwards partners are empowered to reduce the total cost of ownership by predicting and preventing issues before they occur.


    Reduced nuisance alarms and more streamlined service calls lead to fewer day-to-day disruptions and reduced labor costs.


    You can rest easy knowing Edwards ConnectedSafety+ has been customized to protect your entire facility and that your system is code compliant.


    Edwards ConnectedSafety+ is backed by the Carrier Global Product Cybersecurity Program. Edwards products and services are Secure by Design. Cybersecurity protocols are integrated from concept development to release, with ongoing evaluation of the security of the product.

    To learn more, watch our short video above or contact an Esscoe representative.

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    Esscoe Success Stories: Real Testimonials, Real Results

    As the premier provider of security and safety systems, Esscoe has serviced many clients across multiple sectors. This short video we put together showcases testimonials provided by some of our many satisfied clients.

    My name is Paul Bisciglia. I am the Physical Security Program Manager for Uline. We have utilized Esscoe as our security partner for 16 years, and I can’t imagine having another company as our partner that is more accommodating and knowledgeable than Esscoe.

    What I look for, above all, in a security partner is being seen as a unique business rather than just a “number” or “another client.” Esscoe goes above and beyond to make sure that Uline feels like a valuable partner. They provide us timely assistance, recommend new technology, and know and operate to our unique culture that defines our company.

    They have provided us thousands of hours of around-the-clock assistance, helping in the early mornings, and assisting in projects that have taken them through the early hours to accommodate Uline’s business hours. And after hundreds of projects and new branches we’ve established, Esscoe has been reliable and consistent since the very first project we utilized their services for.

    Through all the years Uline has been working and partnered with Esscoe, I can’t imagine how our growth would have been impacted if we didn’t have them as our security partner.

    Paul Bisciglia | CPP
    Uline Physical Security Program Manager

    My name is Cecil Chambers, I am the Security Mgr. for Collins Aerospace. I have been working with Esscoe for about 4-5 years now, and just want to say, this is a great company.

    Esscoe makes sure that if I have an issue and I notify them, they send out their techs and get the issue resolved quickly. I have many projects with this company, they do everything necessary to make sure I receive top quality parts and labor.

    Each employee takes pride in their work, if they come out and need to order parts, they call and let me know before moving forward. I have a great relationship with Esscoe. I highly recommend this company to everyone. You cannot find another company like this one. There are many, however, Esscoe is Top Notch and will do the best job around.

    They have distinguished themselves with outstanding performance of their duties, their professional competence and knowledge and their exceptional initiative, to get the job in a timely manner. Their dedicated approach to their work is the highest quality of support. They are the superior company in the field.

    Esscoe ensures that their customers are well taken care of.

    Cecil Chambers | Principal Specialist, Security | Facilities
    Power Systems Collins Aerospace

    As a client of Esscoe, I have had an opportunity to work with their team for the past 8 years. Esscoe’s team has supported our security systems that include more than 70 facilities throughout North America. As our company continues to grow, we look to establish and build partnerships with vendors that produce the best quality service and always answer the call when needed.

    Esscoe’s partnership has shown interest and efficiency in tasks with camera/access support, visitor management, fire alarm testing…etc. Given our working relationship, I have been able to observe their outstanding quality of service. I have witnessed how their response to assignments have added value and growth to our company. It is for this reason, I highly recommend Esscoe for security purposes.

    Dave DeVoss | Security Manager | Operations
    Medline Industries, LP

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    Keep Up With Your System’s Maintenance This New Year

    The new year is an exciting time, and a great opportunity to put a list of things that should be accomplished for the rest of the year. This year, Esscoe wants to stress the importance of maintaining your system’s quality by regularly servicing it.

    The Benefits
    Preventative or routine maintenance is frequently neglected in the security industry post-project delivery or during the design phase, yet it is crucial for ensuring the functionality and usability of the delivered security system throughout the site’s lifespan. This also helps maintain the longevity of security systems.

    Important Considerations
    Ensuring maintenance efficacy is crucial; staying current with software upgrades guarantees compatibility with newer systems, while neglecting updates may pose challenges for sites using older software.
    Ensuring maintenance efficacy is crucial; staying current with software upgrades guarantees compatibility with newer systems, while neglecting updates may pose challenges for sites using older software.

    Planning is Key
    Creating a good preventative maintenance plan (PMP) requires several key elements to ensure the plan meets the organization’s needs and that it can be defended in annual budget processes.

    How Has Maintenance Evolved?

    • Nearly all systems within the electronic security world are software-based.
    • Upgrades focused only on new features from suppliers are outdated.
    • Cybersecurity is a constant concern in today’s tech world, with frequent discovery and patching of software vulnerabilities.
    • Updates also provide further stability as bugs are identified and fixed.

    Contact an Esscoe representative today to learn more.

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