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Enterprise Level CCTV & Access Control Solutions

Here at Esscoe, The Engineered Systems Company, we provide Enterprise Level CCTV & Access Control Solutions. These services allow us to satisfy needs from small to large facilities. We give you peace of mind about your building being protected.

Our Enterprise Level CCTV is world class, with resolutions up to 4k and beyond. We look at your facility and take your needs into consideration.

Esscoe provides Access Control with experience in many markets – including, but not limited to, government, healthcare, office buildings, assisted living, education, corporate campuses, logistics, and property management.

Our handful of awards and recognition from 2021 include AXIS Communications Top Regional Partner and AXIS Camera Station Specialist.

Whether it is integrating CCTV with access control, remote site IP video archiving and storage or integrating other types of systems, our team of in-house, fully-certified industry professionals will develop and maintain the security solutions you rely on.

Contact one of our Esscoe representatives today to learn more!