Esscoe Success Stories: Real Testimonials, Real Results

As the premier provider of security and safety systems, Esscoe has serviced many clients across multiple sectors. This short video we put together showcases testimonials provided by some of our many satisfied clients.

My name is Paul Bisciglia. I am the Physical Security Program Manager for Uline. We have utilized Esscoe as our security partner for 16 years, and I can’t imagine having another company as our partner that is more accommodating and knowledgeable than Esscoe.

What I look for, above all, in a security partner is being seen as a unique business rather than just a “number” or “another client.” Esscoe goes above and beyond to make sure that Uline feels like a valuable partner. They provide us timely assistance, recommend new technology, and know and operate to our unique culture that defines our company.

They have provided us thousands of hours of around-the-clock assistance, helping in the early mornings, and assisting in projects that have taken them through the early hours to accommodate Uline’s business hours. And after hundreds of projects and new branches we’ve established, Esscoe has been reliable and consistent since the very first project we utilized their services for.

Through all the years Uline has been working and partnered with Esscoe, I can’t imagine how our growth would have been impacted if we didn’t have them as our security partner.

Paul Bisciglia | CPP
Uline Physical Security Program Manager

My name is Cecil Chambers, I am the Security Mgr. for Collins Aerospace. I have been working with Esscoe for about 4-5 years now, and just want to say, this is a great company.

Esscoe makes sure that if I have an issue and I notify them, they send out their techs and get the issue resolved quickly. I have many projects with this company, they do everything necessary to make sure I receive top quality parts and labor.

Each employee takes pride in their work, if they come out and need to order parts, they call and let me know before moving forward. I have a great relationship with Esscoe. I highly recommend this company to everyone. You cannot find another company like this one. There are many, however, Esscoe is Top Notch and will do the best job around.

They have distinguished themselves with outstanding performance of their duties, their professional competence and knowledge and their exceptional initiative, to get the job in a timely manner. Their dedicated approach to their work is the highest quality of support. They are the superior company in the field.

Esscoe ensures that their customers are well taken care of.

Cecil Chambers | Principal Specialist, Security | Facilities
Power Systems Collins Aerospace

As a client of Esscoe, I have had an opportunity to work with their team for the past 8 years. Esscoe’s team has supported our security systems that include more than 70 facilities throughout North America. As our company continues to grow, we look to establish and build partnerships with vendors that produce the best quality service and always answer the call when needed.

Esscoe’s partnership has shown interest and efficiency in tasks with camera/access support, visitor management, fire alarm testing…etc. Given our working relationship, I have been able to observe their outstanding quality of service. I have witnessed how their response to assignments have added value and growth to our company. It is for this reason, I highly recommend Esscoe for security purposes.

Dave DeVoss | Security Manager | Operations
Medline Industries, LP